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Do you need help with your website, social media or other digital stuff? 



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We create simple (low-cost!) digital platform solutions. 

Our specialty is building online communities for events and campaigns. Boost engagement, grow your following, amplify your message and get people to do the thing you need them to do, whether it's buy, donate, register, sign up, attend or vote!

Here's the best part - digital is one area of business where you don't need to outspend your competitors in order to beat them.

Social Media

Be Smart, Look Cool

We focus on creating platforms that make the most sense to reach your target audience. Our group provides: 

  • Smart, simple platforms
  • Content you'll be proud to post, tweet or publish
  • Custom graphics, photography, slideshows & videos
  • On-Site social media production  
  • Hashtag strategy
  • Low-Cost, targeted advertising campaigns & boosts
  • Reports on analytics, customer feedback & online sentiment

They're Gonna Love Ya!

Our social media approach is about more than just posting and tweeting. We utilize social media listening tools and community management strategies to...

  • Grow your following & build relationships. 
  • Bring your brand to life.
  • Win over prospective customers or voters.
  • Turn followers into fans.
  • Monitor comments and reviews.  
  • Protect your reputation & manage complaints.
  • Measure sentiment & leverage feedback.
  • Keep your profile clear of spam, trolls and other gross stuff.

Beyond that...

If It Works, Let's Do It.

We will talk to you about your goals, ideas, hopes, dreams and digital nightmares. From there, we'll take a look at things like your website analytics and social media insights. Then, we will synthesize that data with market research to create a plan, which could include things like:

  • Email campaigns & newsletters
  • CRM & other database integrations
  • Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content updates to your website and blogging
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions 
  • Google Resources & Features
  • Custom Apps
  • Text Alert Tools

What just happened?

If you came here looking for a little help with digital, you might feel overwhelmed reading all this stuff. Those feelings are normal. 

Who is Sarah Herron?

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Sarah has more than a decade of experience managing digital platforms. She managed online platforms for HGTV and the Great American Country network where her content and SEO strategies helped generate unprecedented web traffic gains and was directly correlated to ratings and product growth. She led the print-to-web conversion of HGTV Magazine from trial to launch. AdAge awarded the publication with the title “Launch of the Year.” Under her leadership, the HGTV Pinterest platform became the top source of social media traffic and was named as one of the Top Pinners to follow by the Huffington Post. Along with curating and optimizing front-facing content for HGTV’s primary website, she was a contributor to the CableFAX award-winning blog “Design Happens.”

She has managed digital operations for a variety of events, ranging from professional conferences and local fundraisers to film screenings and music festival installations. These projects included activating splash pages, online registration portals with database integrations, as well as creating digital experiences that leveraged social media and engaged participants before, during and after the event.

Sarah is a founding board member of Clayton-Bradley Academy. She launched the school's initial digital platforms and led the startup student recruitment campaign. In the fall of 2015, Sarah helped launch Alliance for Better Nonprofits, a startup resource and training center with the capacity to serve organizations across 25 counties. She led the development and deployment of the center's marketing tools, social media platforms and website with an integrated database. Following the center's launch, Sarah was named as one of the Top 5 Outstanding Young Professionals of Knoxville, receiving an inaugural YPK Community Impact Award. 

Sarah served as the senior digital strategist at CMOco, a marketing outsourcing agency. While there, she managed social media for a wide-range of clients including retail, e-commerce, hospitality, B2B and a public utility. 

She is the founder of Indivisible East Tennessee, a progressive platform with groups organized in three counties, coordinated across the state and rooted in the national Indivisible Guide movement.

The Herron Group

Along the way, Sarah has worked with some of the best and brightest writers, editors, photographers, producers, designers and developers. She can activate an incredible network of contractors for all-things digital. 

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